Corvette Ranks Second Overall in Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction Survey


Corvette Ranks Second Overall in Consumer Reports' Owner Satisfaction Survey

Owners of C7 Corvettes have known for years just how great their cars are.

Now they’re letting the rest of the world know.

For proof, check out Consumer Reports’ annual owner satisfaction survey seeking the most and least loved vehicles on the market now. According to CR, model satisfaction is determined by the percentage of owners who responded “definitely yes” to the question of whether they would buy the same vehicle if they had it to do all over again.

Based on the results, the Corvette just finished second behind the Tesla Model S in owner satisfaction, with these owner comments posted by Consumer Reports:

“The styling and performance are unmatched at this price point.”

“Excellent styling, handling, comfort, gas mileage at 30mpg … made in America!”

“This model is a significant step forward in making the driver feel confident and at ease both when driving normally, and when driving hard on a race track.”

Glowing words also came from the editors of Consumer Reports, who wrote:

“When it comes to bang for the buck in the sports-car world, it’s hard to beat the Chevrolet Corvette. Whether in standard 455-hp form, or the 650-hp Z06, acceleration is blistering and handling is pinpoint. Corvette owners clearly love their car, ranking Chevy’s sleek two-seater second overall in our survey.”

Corvette Ranks Second Overall in Consumer Reports 'Most Loved Car' Survey


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    Anyway to update the information provided for “Official Pricing” a new Corvette?

    Your Web page still show 2016 pricing???

  2. What about the reports of engine failure due to improperly machined heads on the new ls7 vettes?

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