[ACCIDENT] High Winds Bring a Tree Down on a C5 Corvette


[ACCIDENT] High Winds Bring a Tree Down on a C5 Corvette
Photo Credit: oregonlive.com

A “compact” Corvette, in this case.

High winds blasted western Washington County, Ore., on Monday, with the National Weather Service reporting a top gust of 55 mph at 12:45 p.m. in northwest Forest Grove.

That’s where this C5 Corvette had the misfortune of being parked on Valley Crest Way when the storm struck. The huge tree that fell in the front yard basically crushed the entire car, turning it into a rolling pancake. Judging from the photos, it looks as if the driver’s outer panel may have been knocked loose from the door, with the inner workings still in place.

Fortunately, the owner of the car didn’t have to witness the actual crushing as they were not home, but imagine their surprise and disappointment once they got back.

Another home on Sills Court in Forest Grove also fell victim to a falling tree that caused a huge hole in the roof. Nineteen-year-old Jakelin Ortiz and his younger siblings had been watching the tree swaying in the wind just before it fell, and fortunately they weren’t injured.

The high winds kept Forest Grove firefighters and public works employees busy taking care of the downed trees across the city.

Those crews had to close part of 17th Avenue during the afternoon to remove a large tree that fell across the road between Douglas and Cedar streets in Forest Grove, while part of the city skate park on Main Street was also shut down by a fallen tree. Rogers Park also was temporarily closed because of the high winds and lots of old oak trees subject to falling.

[ACCIDENT] High Winds Brings a Tree Down on a C5 Corvette
Photo Credit: oregonlive.com


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