[VIDEO] Edmunds Celebrates New Office Space with 50 Year Corvette Display


[VIDEO] Edmunds Celebrates New Office Space with 50 Year Corvette Display

Like the Corvette, Edmunds has had to reinvent itself over the years to remain relevant.

Edmunds is celebrating 50 years as a source of automotive information and decided to make a bold statement in their 142,000-square-foot office space in Santa Monica, California.

To show how far the automotive world has come during the company’s half-century of existence, Edmunds decided to use a couple of Corvettes – a 1966 Sting Ray and a 2016 Stingray.

“What better thing than these two Corvettes to help symbolize that 50 years and get us going in this space,” says CEO Avi Steinlauf.

But just having the cars sitting side by side wasn’t thrilling enough for Edmunds.

One of their workers was holding a pair of Matchbox cars in his hand one day when he came up with the idea of having two Corvettes mounted together as mirror images of each other, suspended and rotating around in the center of the building.

[VIDEO] Edmunds Celebrates New Office Space with 50 Year Corvette Display

Accomplishing that task wasn’t easy, though.

It took hours and hours of engineering know-how and a construction company that had done work for Disney World to create the unusual display happen and make a “fantastic contribution” to the Edmunds office space, according to Steinlauf, but he says the cars are now safely displayed for the workers and visitors to enjoy.

Lest you think these are just a couple of fake bodies, think again.

Steinlauf says they drove both of the cars out on the track before they became the world’s largest conversation pieces, noting that only the engines and fluids were taken out to save weight and keep from making a mess.

Check out this video to find out more about how the display came to be.

Edmunds/Youtube Via gmauthority.com

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