[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 Destroys Clutch at Great Lakes Dragaway


[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 Destroys Clutch at Great Lakes Dragaway

At the beginning of this video, the Blade Silver C6 Corvette ZR1 is pulling some decent quarter mile runs at the Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. But then we see a another guy behind the wheel and that’s when things go south pretty quickly.

The video’s description appears to accurately tell the story:

At import night 8/5/2016 at Great Lakes Dragaway, it’s the ZR1 that goes home on the trailer. It looks like a friend was allowed to drive, botched the launch twice and dropped the clutch hard. Next pass down was the end of it for that poor clutch. Flat bed pulled in as we were leaving.

Nobody likes to see a wounded ZR1 and thankfully we were spared the video of the Corvette leaving the track in shame. As for the “friend”, the next time you want to go to the track, we’re taking your car!

LSx StreetCars / YouTube

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