[FAIL] Man Roasts Corvette Z06’s Clutch Instead of Tires


This video is wrong on so many levels that I don’t know where to begin. I’d wager that most of us (me included) have done something stupid in our Corvettes. But to then have your moment of stupidity uploaded to youtube for all posterity is a badge of shame I’d wish on no one.

But on second thought, maybe this moron deserves it. He doesn’t realize his tires aren’t spinning. Worse, his friends don’t bother to tell him either. But the final insult comes from the video’s description: guy fries clutch instead of tires–professionals Don’t worry about money, it was repaired under warranty by Chevy

Sooo, resources (money) that could be spent on the C7 Corvette are instead used to replace a burned-out clutch by an idiot who can’t do a burnout in a 505 hp Corvette. Fail!


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