[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Doing Donuts Hits a Bystander During an LA Video Shoot


[VIDEO] C6 Corvette Doing Donuts Hits a Bystander During an LA Video Shoot

Last week, two LA rappers known as YG and Nipsey Hussle released a new anti-Trump song called ‘FTD’ (F**K Donald Trump). On Sunday, the duo put out a call to fans to gather at the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax to help film the music video for the song.

Not only did over 100 people show up to provide the the song’s chant, but apparently no one bothered to tell the police of the music video shoot as officers showed up in riot gear and shut down the street party.

One of the better “unscripted” moments of the video shoot comes from an instagram video posted by 4.8jayy who captured a silver C6 Corvette doing donuts in the middle of the street. A road flare helped ramp up the tension and the smoke is pretty thick as a group of LA youths form a half circle around the spinning Corvette. As the C6 Corvette comes spinning around, the rear-end managed to clip one of the young men who got a little to close to the action and he was sent flying though the air before landing on his back.

Suddenly, he is the star of the moment as the mob surrounds him with their phones as they captured the scary moment on video. Luckily for our bystander, he jumped right up and was able to walk over to the side of the road without appearing to be too hurt.

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Once the police showed up, the environment was pretty chaotic as the officers were unaware that a music video was being filmed. In one video, an LAPD officer is seen holding a taser while directing people to get off a car that was in the intersection. You can see that video and more over at stereogum.com.


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