[VIDEO] Fake Corvette Z06 Police Car Goes on a Donut Run


[VIDEO] Fake Corvette Z06 Police Car Goes on a Donut Run

We know cops are supposed to like doughnuts, but this Corvette driver carried that cliché to a new level.

The owner of this C6 Z06 decorated his car up to look like a police car, complete with “Call 911” on the side, as he took part in the Streetgasm Tour, a Gumball-style rally that covered 2,000 miles in Germany.

He may have tricked a few of the slower police officers over there, all in good fun, but then the driver decided to take things a little further and have even more fun – complete with fresh out of the grease doughnuts, smoky burnouts, and pure acceleration runs.

It was all captured on video for your viewing – and listening – pleasure. Be sure to turn the volume up to listen to the beautiful sounds of the Z06’s LS7 7.0-liter engine that pours out all of its 505 horsepower.

It may have been music to the ears of Corvette enthusiasts, but the final shot, a closeup of the tread of one of the car’s tires, will probably make you glad it’s the owner and not you who will have to shell out big bucks for a couple of new tires for the back of this monster Corvette.

Would you like a glass of milk with those doughnuts?


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