Corvette Runs Deep for Three Generations of the White Family


For three generations of the White family, the Corvette bug bit – and bit hard nearly 40 years ago.

The symptoms of “Corvette Fever” continue to worsen year by year.

It all started for Bob White when his uncle bought a yellow 1973 Corvette, a car that Bob used to take his now-wife of 38 years on their first date!

Bob White on a Buyers' Tour
Bob White on a Buyers’ Tour

“That started it,” Bob said. “From there, my wife’s father bought a 1978 Corvette. That was his dream since he was a kid. Then my brother and I have each bought several Vettes since then.”

Bob’s brother Dave started the second generation of Corvette ownership with a 2000 coupe that he picked up at the National Corvette Museum through the R8C Delivery program, the first of many such outings for the White family.

Bob has owned several Corvettes since then, including a 2006 Z06 (delivered through R8C) and a 2010 ZR1, and now he drives a 2015 Z06 with the Z07 package that he carried a step further, watching it being built through the Museum’s Buyers Tour Program in December.

“I’ve been to the Museum many, many times,” Bob says. “Our tour host was phenomenal, gave me a behind the scenes tour of the Museum. The Blue Devil had just been delivered [post sinkhole repair].”

Dave White (left) and Bob on a Buyers’ Tour at the Corvette Plant.
Dave White (left) and Bob on a Buyers’ Tour at the Corvette Plant.

The third generation of Corvette enthusiasts now includes Bob’s sons, Ryan, who was given the 1978 owned by his granddad, and Matthew, who tracks a 2003 Z06.

Bob and Dave, and the entire White family really, have been big fans of Spring Mountain after buying their new C6s in 2005.

“My brother and I went, literally, as it was opening up,” Bob says. “We gave each other the three-day experience as birthday gifts. That was about ten years ago. They didn’t even have the buildings yet and we watched them put up the first front gate. We’ve gone literally every other year since. That turned my younger son to track.”

The family also enjoys Corvette Racing, with many trips to Laguna Seca, Sonoma, Road Atlanta, Long Beach, Sebring, and even the Detroit Auto Show for the reveal of the C7.R race car and the C7 Z06.

Bob White and son Ryan at Spring Mountain
Bob White and son Ryan at Spring Mountain

“We are truly, truly a big Corvette family through thick and thin,” Bob says.

What’s their next adventure? Perhaps another trip to Bowling Green when Ron Fellows and Spring Mountain open their driving school at the NCM Motorsports Park. You can find out more about Spring Mountain Motor Resort and the Ron Fellows Driving School at

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