[VIDEO] Allstate Returns a 1972 Corvette Stolen 43 Years Ago to its Original Owner


[VIDEO] Allstate Returns a 1972 Corvette Stolen 43 Years Ago to its Original Owner

It was meant to be. How else can you describe it?

Terry Dietrich was born in 1953, the same year that the first Corvette rolled out of the factory.

That coincidence sparked a love affair for the Corvette that ultimately led to her decision as a 19-year-old to buy a brand new Corvette Stingray in 1972.

“Enjoyed it, loved it, every minute of it for six months,” she told NBC reporter Francis Rivera.

But then her beloved 1972 Corvette was stolen from the parking lot of the office where she was working!

“I was very sad,” Terry said. “It took me a couple of years to get over that.”

Police told her that her Corvette was probably gone for good.

But then last October, she got a shocking call – her Corvette had been found in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, because her insurance company had already paid her claim back in 1972, the car technically didn’t belong to Terry any longer. She could only look at it in photos.

That is, until one day last week when Allstate Insurance gave her the surprise of her life.

Her original insurance agent came out of retirement, pulling into her driveway in Duluth, Ga., to hand deliver the Corvette back to Terry!

[VIDEO] Allstate Insurance Returns a 1972 Corvette Stolen 43 Years Ago to Original Owner

“I don’t believe it!” she cried, touching the hood of her blue Corvette. “My car! I don’t believe it, I really don’t believe this!”

After hugging the agent, Terry climbed behind the wheel, wondering to herself if she still remembers how to crank her Stingray.

She did! Old love affairs die hard.

“It still sounds the same!” she exclaimed. “Everything is just coming back and looking so familiar.”

And talk about perfect timing.

“Today is my birthday!” she exclaimed. “What could be more awesome than getting my car back of 43 years on my 62nd birthday! Oh my goodness, I love it!”

As Terry stood next to her car, she admitted, “I know it’s old, but I’m old too! We’ll grow old together.”

Kudos to Allstate Insurance for stepping in and making Terry probably the happiest Corvette owner around right now!

If you ever questioned the emotional attachment owners have for their Corvettes, just watch this video!

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