[VIDEO] Michigan Man’s Tearful Reunion With His Old 1977 Corvette


[VIDEO] Michigan Man's Tearful Reunion With His Old 1977 Corvette
Photo Credit: Abbie Tiption

What goes around comes around.

In this case, it was this 1977 Corvette that Richard Tipton of Owosso, Mich., had sold way back in 1987 after deciding it wasn’t a “family vehicle,’ an important consideration since his wife Anne was expecting twins at the time.

Ironically, Richard had spotted his old car for sale more than a year ago and had said if he ever won the lottery, he’d buy it back again.

He didn’t have to get that lucky – just have three very considerate kids.

Since he had made a sacrifice for them so many years ago, his three children – Molly, Abbie, and Andrew – pooled their resources this week and purchased their dad’s yellow ’77 Corvette coupe from a used car showroom in Flint.

[VIDEO] Michigan Man's Tearful Reunion With His Old 1977 Corvette

The children surprised their 69-year-old father with the Corvette on Wednesday at the family business, Tipton Trucking.

The unveiling brought a big show of emotion from the entire family, especially Richard, who raised his hands to his face, crying his eyes out before finally walking into the garage and climbing into the car he probably never thought he’d drive again.

What goes around, will likely go around and around a lot more on the roads of Owosso.

Detroit Free Press

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