[PIC] Husband Surprises Agents of SHIELD Actress with a Corvette Stingray


[PIC] Husband Surprises Agents of SHIELD Actress with a Corvette Stingray

The Marvel Comics Universe seems to have a thing for Corvettes. First there was the Black Widow’s Corvette Stingray from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And then when Agents of SHIELD came to FOX, one of the stars of the show is Agent Coulson’s classic red Corvette named Lola.

Now another Agent of SHIELD will be driving a Corvette Stingray, but not on TV. Actress Ming-Na Wen who plays Agent Melinda May on the show was just surprised with a red Corvette Stingray from her husband on her birthday.

Here’s the tweet showing the Agents of SHIELD actress being surprised with the red Corvette Stingray which she called Lolita:

The Corvette Stingray does make the perfect gift. Just ask NBA Star Carmelo Anthony and Pro Golfer Bubba Watson who were both surprised by their spouses with a Corvette Stingray.

Congratulations Ming-Na Wen on your Corvette and welcome to the club! Our only advice with your new Corvette is that when you see another Corvette driving down the road, throw a wave to the owner. It’s sort of our thing…


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