Corvettes Gather in the Middle East to Help Fight Breast Cancer


Corvettes Gather in the Middle East to Help Fight Breast Cancer

Corvette owners take their charities seriously, even thousands of miles away from the factory in Bowling Green, Ky.

For example, if you happened to be in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East on Friday, you could have seen 50 Corvettes helping showcase a powerful message of support for breast cancer awareness coordinated by Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.

The Corvettes were part of the Marina Mall’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform “Let Hope Shine” and began their journey along the capital’s Corniche at 3 p.m. from the Cancer Organisation Booth, accompanied by Abu Dhabi Police.

In the photo, we can see a very nice red 1963 convertible, as well as examples of many other generations of America’s Sports Car, including C3s, C4s, C6s, and C7s.

Isn’t it wild that a United States car carries such international star power, even in Abu Dhabi?

The 50 Corvettes wound their way to Marina Mall Abu Dhabi and parked in a fan formation at the main entrance. They attracted attention to a booth at the main entrance to the mall, where visitors were able to learn about breast cancer and pick up informative pamphlets, pink ribbons, and flags.

“At Marina Mall Abu Dhabi we believe our business growth has to be socially responsible,” Bruce von Kaufmann, general manager of the mall, said. “We work closely with the local community through our CSR program ‘Let Hope Shine,’ which gives us the opportunity to truly make a difference in the community.”

And Corvettes helped make that difference.

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and with 50 Corvettes driving along Abu Dhabi, we hope to raise awareness about this disease and encourage women to get regular check-ups,” von Kaufmann said.

The big event was just one of many throughout the world during October to increase breast cancer awareness and encourage women to be tested for early detection of the disease.

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi launched the “Let Hope Shine” initiative last year to improve lives and create opportunities for people in the UAE and around the world.


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