[RECALL] Qatar Issues Recall for 2014-15 Corvettes for Transmission Reprogramming


[RECALL] Qatar Issues Recall for 2014-15 Corvettes for Transmission Reprogramming

For the second time in just a few weeks, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar has recalled Corvettes.

This time, the recall applies to 2014-15 Corvettes to reprogram the transmission control unit in accordance with GCC specifications.

The ministry says the recall falls under its ongoing mission to keep a check on vehicle defects and repair them to protect consumer rights.

The recall is in cooperation with Jaidah Automotive, Chevrolet car dealer in Qatar, a small country next to Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

The ministry stressed that it will coordinate with the dealership to follow up on maintenance and repair, while communicating with customers to make sure the defects are repaired.

The ministry urged consumers to report any abuses or irregularities to the Department of Consumer Protection and Commercial Fraud Combat which will receive complaints, suggestions and inquiries through its communication channels.

A recall announced in September targeted 2005-07 Corvettes “due to a defect in the work of front lighting,” according to the ministry.

General Motors had already announced a similar recall in May 2014 over concerns that the low-beam headlights can go off unexpectedly in 111,889 2005-07 Corvettes.

“When the engine is warm, the underhood electrical center housing could expand, causing the headlamp low-beam relay control circuit wire to bend slightly,” said GM in its description of the Corvette recall. “After the wire is repeatedly bent, it can fracture and separate. When this occurs, the low-beam headlamps will not illuminate. As the housing cools and contracts, the low-beam headlamp function may return.”

GM said loss of low-beam headlamps when required could reduce the driver’s visibility and increase the risk of a crash, noting that it is aware of “several hundred complaints as a result of the condition but no crashes, injuries, or fatalities.”


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