Resident’s Group Calls on Attorney General over Noise Dispute with the Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park


Resident's Group Call on Attorney General over Noise Dispute with the Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park
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Resident’s near the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park are not happy with the park’s decision to ignore a noise violation that would have stopped track events and construction of track facilities.

Now they want Kentucky’s Attorney General Jack Conway to take step into the fray.

The attorney representing the group known as Residents Against Motorsports Track Noise LLC sent the letter to the Attorney General on July 14th requesting action. The group has 92 members.

According to an article in the Bowling Green Daily News, the letter told the Attorney General that “Our neighborhood is suffering, and we need someone to help protect our rights,” and that “We hope that you will help us to restore peace. We are requesting that action be taken by your office.”

Warren County issued a notice of violation on June 29th to the track despite the Corvette Museum’s Executive Director Wendell Strode meeting with residents the day before and requesting time to do additional noise abatement studies. The Museum had also previously changed the layout of where the garages and pavilion would be built to help absorb more track noise.

The Notice of Violation directed the Museum to halt all track activities and construction within 24 hours and called on Museum officials to submit a construction outline and timeline to comply with binding elements from the Warren County Planning Commission which include noise abatement. In addition, the executive director of the planning commission Steve Hunter said that a development plan must be submitted and the park must be in full compliance with those binding elements with a deadline of 90 days from the June 29th citation.

The letter was sent to the Attorney General as the resident group believes Warren County officials have ignored their concerns. “We have appealed to every government department in Warren County to seek enforcement, but we have been ignored.” “We feel that local politics has contributed to depriving us of our rights.” Janet Jent, one of the organizers for the group, said “We just want them to build a barrier like we were promised before they built the racetrack, that’s all.”

The Attorney General’s office has said the letter from the resident’s group was received and it will be reviewed.

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