Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park Will Hold Track Events Despite Shut Down Order


Corvette Museum's Motorsports Park Will Hold Track Events Despite Shut Down Order
Photo Credit: NCM Motorsports Park

The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park will live up to the agreements it has signed to host special events over the next few weeks, despite receiving a notice of violation from the City-County Planning Commission of Warren County after a public meeting on Monday.

“We intend to move forward with the agreement reached at the meeting,” the NCM said in a prepared statement released Tuesday. “Therefore the NCM Motorsports Park will fulfill all contracts with our renters as well as continue construction on our planned facilities at the NCM Motorsports Park. We plan to move forward with business as usual, we will not cancel any scheduled events and will continue to book events for future years.”

Some neighbors of the park have expressed their concern over what they term excessive noise levels being created by the cars there, including at a planning commission meeting two weeks ago.

A follow-up meeting on Monday included neighborhood representatives, a Planning Commission representative, local magistrate, NCM Motorsports Park representatives and a sound company hired by the NCM to come up with ways to lower the noise levels.

At the close of that meeting, the Motorsports Park was still issued a Notice of Violation, despite the fact that the participants had just agreed on a plan for data collection beginning mid-July, continuing for about two months to then be analyzed by the sound company who would make a recommendation of options to mitigate the sound levels.

According to the NCM statement: “Everyone attending the meeting including the Planning Commission representative, the neighborhood committee and the local magistrate all were in agreement that ceasing event activity at this time is not necessary or warranted. The timing of the Notice was most unfortunate as a very meaningful meeting had just concluded with an acceptable plan to move forward to address the noise issues.”

The notice of violation, however, directs that all building construction and event-related activities cease within 24 hours because the property is out of compliance with the Warren County Joint Zoning Ordinance.

NCM maintains that it has “been working closely” with nearby residents and others and has hired an experienced sound mitigation company to try and solve the noise issues. In fact, the sound company representative went with the neighborhood committee to explore the suggested locations and also talked with several other neighborhood residents.

In the meantime, it appears that the Motorsports Park will continue to hold events as scheduled, including one set for July 10.

In its statement, NCM said its management team “is making all efforts to bring quick resolution to the noise complaints,” with their goal being “to offer impeccable customer service to our renters and guests and be a good neighbor to our community.”

The museum also said it plans to continue to meet with appropriate officials, respond timely to the notice, and provide updates on the progress toward total compliance.

“Although it will take some time to have the sound sources and levels evaluated, determine possible options for mitigation, and implement the appropriate solution, we feel that we are making progress and have a good plan in place,” the museum said. “Neighbors commented that they are supportive of the Motorsports Park operations and want it to be successful, as long as the noise does not impair their ability to enjoy their home and property. That is our goal as well.”


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