They’re Still Out There – 1954 Corvette Garage Find


They're Still Out There – 1954 Corvette Garage Find
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

We’ve all had that dream about finding a classic Corvette tucked away somewhere in a barn or garage. Most of us will never achieve that dream, so we’ll have to experience that thrill vicariously through others. Larry Fisette is one of the select few who lucked into a 1954 that had been in pieces in a garage for 50 years.

In a recent Rare Finds article Jerry Heasley tells us the story of Larry Fisette and his 1954 Corvette garage find. Turns out that the 1954 Corvette was Fisette’s 2nd major discovery. Previously he had unearthed 21 trailers packed pull of Chevy muscle cars and parts.

Heasley recants the story beginning when the car’s owner and wife visited Fisette’s Wisconsin shop. They mentioned that they owned a 1954 Corvette. He eventually said to them “Well, when you don’t want it, I’ll buy it.”

Eight years later Larry received the call he’d been waiting for. The couple was finally ready to part with their Corvette. He went to inspect the car and they struck a deal for it to change hands. As the story goes, the couple purchased the car in 1964 and took it to their home in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter the husband began to tear the car down. The car’s next 50 years would be spent in pieces until Fisette procured the car. The body was off the frame and the motor was out of the car.

Fisette began sifting through the parts and pieces. The originally white body had been repainted red was suspended in the air, the seats were in the attic, and the engine was under a bench. Essentially everything was with the car with Fisette surmising that “everything was there” with “not one part missing.” The find also included several valuable items like a NOS set of hubcaps and distributer. Other NOS bits he found included the starter, grille surround, washer jug, and even the body side moldings.

After the deal was struck, Larry spent a full day loading his trailer with all of the goodies he’d found. Once home he moved the ’54 into the garage. Then, as the article states, “The very next morning a guy walked in and just said he wanted the car. I shot him a price, not a ridiculous price, but a fair price, and that was it.” said Larry.

They're Still Out There – 1954 Corvette Garage Find
Photo Credit: Hot Rod

So that’s the story of yet another great Corvette barn find. Hopefully the new owner will put the car back together and get it back out on the road and enjoy it.

Head on over to Jerry Heasley’s Rare Finds article on the Hot Rod website to read more about this amazing discovery.

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