New 2016 Corvette Colors Revealed!


New 2016 Corvette Colors Revealed!

Our friend Rick Conti at Ohio’s Coughlin Chevrolet has been Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to spotting the color changes coming on the new 2016 Corvette.

Rick was the first to notice that Velocity Yellow was on a major constraint for 2015 Corvettes earlier this month and that a possible color change was coming. Then he found the RPO code for a new Yellow in GM’s Order System. Now, Rick is attempting to break the internet with the reveal of the new 2016 color chips and their new names.

For those that may have been anticipating a major shift in the Yellow color found on Corvettes, we’re sorry to disappoint. The new GC6 Corvette Racing Yellow tintcoat appears very similar to the outgoing G8A Velocity Yellow. Some say its lighter and some have said its darker than the current Velocity Yellow. The differences between the two will probably only be seen when the two colors are next to each other.

In fact, these colors are so close that we’d bet the house that this color is already on the Corvette C7Rs and no one has noticed the difference. That’s a question we’ll as Corvette designer Kirk Bennion when we see him at the NCM Bash event this week.

The other new color on the boards is G1E – Long Beach Red! That color looks to have a lot of metal flake in it and will probably sparkle under the sun like no other color in the Corvette’s color portfolio. However, it may be like the current Night Race Blue in that you have to see the color in direct sunlight to really appreciate it. Here, Conti took two photos of the Long Beach Red color – the first without a flash and the second is with a flash:

2016 Corvette Color - Long Beach Red 2016 Corvette Color - Long Beach Red

The exterior color boards do not reveal all the colors for 2016 so we’re not sure of the other color that will be phased out to make way for the new Long Beach Red but the general consensus is that Night Race Blue will be the color to get the axe for 2016.

Inside the 2016 Corvette, the new RPO 755 Spice Red will be making its debut as an additional color so for fans of Red interiors, you can continue to order the car in the current Adrenaline Red or go with the slighly darker Spice Red. The Spice Red is show on the board below as its own color and not as part of a two-tone leather package that can be ordered. Here it is with the current Adrenaline Red:

2016 Corvette Color - Spice Red Interior

Rick also reported earlier that a new red convertible soft top was coming on 2016 Corvettes as well. Imagine the new Long Beach Red metallic exterior and a new red convertible top with the Spice Red interior and we think it will be the first Red/Red/Red Corvette that Chevrolet has ever produced.

All these color changes will be detailed at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash event starting tomorrow and running through Saturday in Bowling Green. We’re on the first flight out of Tampa tomorrow morning and will bring you all the changes and updates to the 2016 Corvette.

2016 Corvette Color - Corvette Racing Yellow


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