Daughter Searching for Her Late Father’s 1964 Corvette Sting Ray



Just a string of coincidences or a guiding hand from above?

You decide.

Dawn Hughes grew up in a family that loved Corvettes. In fact, for years her dad drove a 1964 Sting Ray convertible that he loved, but he eventually had to sell the car.

But not before he passed on his love of Corvettes to Dawn. In fact, she saved all she could for years to get one of her own. During what turned out to be their last conversation about Corvettes, her dad smiled and said, “I want to be there when you get it.”

Unfortunately, her dad passed away unexpectedly just before the C7 was announced, leaving Dawn with the dilemma of following through on their mutual dream of owning a new Stingray or just forgetting about it.

She finally reached the conclusion that he would want her to still get a new Stingray. In the fall of 2013, she had a few extra minutes on a business trip and visited our friends at Kerbeck Chevrolet in Atlantic City, N.J., where she placed her order, eagerly awaiting a trip to the National Corvette Museum to pick up her new Corvette.

The car wound up coming off the line sooner than expected, and the NCM offered her a pickup date of Nov. 15. Even though it was raining that day, she felt the presence of her dad during the tour of the museum and the assembly plant next door.

Then began that string of “coincidences” we mentioned earlier, or were they getting “a guiding hand” from her dad?

On the way home from the NCM in her new Stingray the next day, she realized that it was the one-year anniversary of her dad’s passing.

In honor of her father, she paid the car off on Father’s Day, June 15, 2014. Soon after, she began checking into the history of her dad’s ’64 convertible (VIN 408675111410) and noticed that he sold his car on June 15, 1966. So 48 years to the day that he gave up his title, Dawn got hers!

Now Dawn is on another quest. Her dad’s Corvette was “Legend 1” and hers is now “Legend 2.”

She’d like to find her dad’s old Sting Ray and get the two cars together. Wouldn’t that make for a legendary reunion?


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