Detroit Man Tracks Down and Buys His Late Father’s 1973 Corvette


Detroit Man Tracks Down and Buys His Late Father's 1973 Corvette

We’ve all heard and read stories about Corvette owners who, for one reason or another, sold their beloved Vette, but were unable to get the car out of their minds. Years later, when their life circumstances may have changed, they manage to track down and bring their fiberglass friend back into the family.

Scott Bachmann, in the Metropolitan Detroit area, took this story one generation further by finding and repurchasing his late father’s Corvette, and bringing it back home to his family. He was interviewed by WWJ’s Roberta Jasina to find out more about this touching story.

“This is a 1973 Stingray Corvette convertible”, he told Jasina. “It’s Ontario orange, the original paint. This was my father’s car back when I was 3-years old.” Scott said his father was devoted to the Vette — it was his pride and joy. Sadly, he passed away in 1977 after suffering a stroke while working on the car. In the family photo above, Scott is the little guy looking out the window while his father stands beside the car.

After many years, Scott, still trying to find a connection with his father and their past times together, hit upon the idea of finding the one thing he knew would bring back memories of the good times—the ’73 Corvette. Since only 4,943 1973 Corvette convertibles were ever sold, finding a specific 1973 Corvette promised to be a formidable task. But Scott had the VIN and, thanks to the age of computers and helpful Corvette people, he hit the jackpot with his search — he found his father’s old Corvette!

Contact with its then-current owner revealed that the old Corvette was still in reasonable shape and, yes, the owner was willing to entertain an offer. “It was considerably more that my father paid for it,” Scott said. “But it was worth every penny.”

The orange 1973 Corvette Stingray has 80,229 original miles and still has the original engine and transmission. When asked about the car’s future, Scott indicated that it had found its final destination, right back where it belonged, and it wasn’t going anywhere else anytime soon.

Who knows, maybe the lucky Corvette will be passed on to a next generation Bachmann.


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