[PICS] Corvette Stingrays Spotted in China


Corvette Stingrays Spotted in China
Photo Credit: CarNewsChina.com

Chevrolet has long wanted the Corvette to be accepted overseas.

Well, we don’t know if the sale of one yellow Stingray would qualify as cause for celebration in the halls of General Motors, but CarNewsChina.com – which boasts that it features “Everything About Cars in China” – is sharing a photo of such a car in Shanghai submitted by reader Antoine Chalendard.

We do know that the new Velocity Yellow Stingray looks mighty good parked on the streets of Shanghai.

Apparently Corvettes are not officially sold in China, but if you’re willing to pony up 1.7 million yuan (which translates to a whopping $267,000 in U.S. currency), then you can get one through a gray market in which Chinese dealers apparently buy directly from American dealers and have the Corvettes shipped to China.

Let’s hope they don’t put these beautiful Corvettes on a “slow boat to China” because we’re sure the lucky owner who gets the pleasure of driving a new Stingray would likely want it as soon as possible – especially after shelling out about four times the price of the car in our country.

Apparently that big difference in the prices is because of China’s very steep import taxes, along with a good ol’ dose of supply and demand.

CarNewsChina.com also found a red Stingray in a Beijing dealership going for 1.73 million yuan, apparently being sold as the equal of supercars shown in the background – an orange Ferrari 599 GTO and a Tramontana R.

Corvette Stingrays Spotted in China
Photo Credit: CarNewsChina.com

If you’re like this writer, you probably had to research to find out what a Tramontana is. According to CarNewsChina, the Taramontana is manufactured in miniscule numbers by a Spanish carmaker called Tramontana Advanced Design. The company was founded in 2005 and the first open-top S rolled of the line in 2007. The vehicle features a unique two-seat tandem configuration where the passenger sits behind the driver in a very tiny cockpit.


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