Corvette Museum to Start Removing Corvettes from Sinkhole Next Week


Corvette Museum to Start Removing Corvettes from Sinkhole Next Week

The National Corvette Museum issued another update regarding the Sinkhole in the Sky Dome yesterday and the good news is that we may see the first three Corvettes extracted from the hole as early as next week.

Providing the latest update is Mike Murphy with Scott, Murphy and Daniel, the construction management company that was hired to help with the extraction and repairs of the structure.

This week the company finished borings into the sky dome floor to insure there was no immediate danger of another collapse as well to study the ability of the remaining floor to be able to hold some of the heavy equipment needed to extract the Corvettes. Since all the date returned positive readings, the first crane was guided into the Sky Dome through a hole in the side of the building yesterday.

Mike refers to the extraction of the Corvettes as “Operation Corvette Plus” with the plus signifying the altitude the corvettes will be going as they are lifted out of the hole.

If all goes as planned, the extraction of the first three Corvettes will begin on Monday with the goal to recover all three cars by Wednesday. The 2009 Corvette Blue Devil ZR1 will be the first car to be extracted followed by the Black 1962 Corvette roadster and then the 40th Anniversary Corvette.

According to Mike Murphy, although the 1962 Corvette looks to be an easy get based on its upright position, because that 5-ton slap of concrete is resting against the front the car, they will be lifting both the car and the slab of concrete simultaneously.

The NCM will be allowing selected media to document the extraction process and we’ll be following all the action on the live Sky Dome webcam.

Here’s video of the first crane entering the Sky Dome:

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