The Top 11 Corvettes of the January 2014 Auctions


The Top 11 Corvettes of the January 2014 Auctions

The January collector car auctions in Arizona and Florida each year help set the tone for the rest of the auction year. Once again there were plenty of high end Corvettes and eager bidders to go around as 6 and 7-figure bids were quite common. We’ve already taken a look at the Mecum Kissimmee results, but how do they stack up against all of the other January sales? Click past the jump to find out.

The top Corvette sale of the month went to the red/red 1967 L88 coupe, as we expected it would, topping the charts at $3,500,000. Second place went to the 1969 L88 Rebel racer convertible which traded hands at $2,850,000 with commissions. Each of the top 2 cars was sold at Barrett-Jackson. The “pseudo” 3rd place sale was the 1956 Real McCoy which was hammered sold at Mecum Kissimmee for $2,300,000, but as we mentioned earlier that sale has been placed on hold.

As you might surmise, the Top 11 January 2014 Corvette sales all took place at the 2 biggest sales: Barrett-Jackson and Mecum. The B-J sale placed 6 cars in the Top 11 while Mecum claimed the remaining 5 spots. There are 5 L88’s on the list this year as well as 2 racecars, a 1963 Z06, and a 1971 ZR2. For the first time in a long time we didn’t see any restomods in the Top 11. Don’t worry, though, there were still several that traded for north of $100,000 last month.

L88 Corvette at Barrett-Jackson

Some of the notable no sales were Dick Lang’s 1963 ZO6 racer at $900,000, a 1969 L88 convertible at $735,000, the Callaway Sledgehammer at $600,000 , a silver / black 1963 Z06 at $550,000.

The total value of the Top 11 January sales this year was a staggering $12,640,000. The average sale price of those cars came in at $1,140,091. It took a hammer price of $275,000 just to make it on to the 2014 Top 11 list.

So how do these numbers compare to previous January sales? If we look back just 2 years to 2012 we see a big jump in values. That year a silver 1968 L88 roadster led the pack selling for $625,000 and the first 2013 427 Convertible sold for $600,000. The 2012 Top 11 tallied up to $4,580,000 and they averaged out to $417,000 per car. Those are jumps of 275% and 263% respectively between 2012 and 2014.

Gus Grissom Corvette at Mecum

So based on last month’s results it looks like we’re sure to see more big bucks dropped on high end collector Corvettes. L88’s and racers look to still be leading the way in desirability, but well documented rarities will continue to earn attention as well.

Here are the Top 11 Corvette Sales of the January 2014 auctions.

Lot Year Description Auction Sale Price
Red/Red L88 Coupe 1967 Red/Red L88 Coupe Barrett-Jackson $3,500,000
Rebel L88 Racer 1969 Rebel L88 Racer Barrett-Jackson $2,850,000
SR Prototype (Real McCoy) 1956 SR Prototype (Real McCoy) Mecum $2,300,000
(on hold)
Blue/Blue L88 Roadster 1968 Blue/Blue L88 Roadster Barrett-Jackson $800,000
53/50th Anniversay with Matching VINs 1953
53/50th Anniversay with Matching VINs Barrett-Jackson $600,000
Maroon/Black L88 Coupe 1968 Maroon/Black L88 Coupe Mecum $530,000
Black/Black L88 Roadster 1969 Black/Black L88 Roadster Mecum $510,000
Corvette Z06 Tanker 1963 Silver/Red Z06 Tanker Mecum $475,000
Corvette ZR2 1971 Green ZR2 Coupe Barrett-Jackson $450,000
1964 Corvette Fuelie Tanker 1964 Black Fuelie Tanker Mecum $350,000
1953 VIN 083 1953 VIN 083 Barrett-Jackson $275,000
Total: $12,640,000
Average: $1,149,091

Looking ahead, Barrett-Jackson and Mecum will go head-to-head in April as they hold sales in Palm Beach, Florida and Houston, Texas on the same weekend. Barrett-Jackson’s car list isn’t online yet, whereas Mecum is already touting the Bunkie Knudson styling car, a 2,996 mile 1967 427/390 coupe, and a 1966 big tank coupe at their April sale.

Barrett-Jackson and Mecum

Top Corvettes Go Unsold at Mecum Kissimmee
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