2014 Corvette Stingray Sales Soar


2014 Corvette Stingray Sales Soar

When all is said and done, the ultimate goal of the 2014 Corvette Stingray is to make money for the company that manufactures them and the dealers who sell them.

Based on the early returns, we’d have to say, “Mission Accomplished!”

Edmunds.com reports that the new Stingrays are doing a burnout on the 950 Chevrolet sales floors where they are available across the nation, with the cars being sold within an average of five days after arriving at the dealer.

“We get several truckloads a week that are very quickly delivered,” says Scott Montgomery, delivery sales manager at Les Stanford Chevrolet in Dearborn, Mich. “They don’t last long at all. The public is going nuts for this car.”

Chevrolet spokesman Monte Doran pointed out that the first wave of Stingrays will go to the top Corvette-selling dealers of the past year for the first six to nine months. The other 2,000 or so Chevy dealers will finally be able to order Stingrays in November, but they won’t arrive at those dealerships until late 2013 or early 2014.

Doran also cleared up a story that has been published on this site and just about every other automotive site in the U.S. He says reports of six-month waiting lists for the new Corvette aren’t accurate. GM doesn’t have a centralized waiting list for the Corvette; dealers handle their own waiting lists.

However, Stanford Chevy does have a waiting list for those enthusiasts who want to order a Stingray with the options they want.

One such customer is Ken Lingenfelter of Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. He picked up his new Stingray about three weeks ago after placing his order with Stanford Chevy months ago.

“It’s a winner,” Lingenfelter says of the new C7. “It’s got style, comfort, a lot of new electronics. The interior is much upgraded from what it was. The way it handles on the race track is very, very good. This is just an absolutely incredible car.”

His, by the way, is what he described as a “drop-dead gorgeous” cyber gray metallic Stingray with red interior.

When the final totals are in for the 2014 model next year, Stanford expects to have sold as many as 400 of the new Stingrays. Already, the dealer has sold 200-plus this year.

And, in a related note, apparently some folks don’t mind wearing last season’s fashions if they can get a good enough deal on them.

Stanford’s Montgomery says the 2013 Corvettes are also selling fast now, with discounts cutting the price of some cars by as much as $20,000.

“People have ordered ’14s and took the ’13s because there’s such a good deal on them,” Montgomery said.

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