[VIDEO] Faces of GM: The 2014 Corvette Stingray Lands in Europe


[VIDEO] Faces of GM: The 2014 Corvette Stingray Lands in Europe

Last week we told you that two C7 Corvette Stingrays were headed to Europe for testing in Germany, Switzerland, France and Holland as part of GM’s standard quality control. Chevrolet Europe’s technical manager Patrick Herrmann has been tasked to lead the tests and as a special bonus, he will be sharing his experiences on social media.

Herrmann was recently interviewed for a video to be posted on Faces of GM and as you’ll see, he is pretty excited about his latest project.

Patrick describes himself as a “race head” and at the age of 15 was already working with some local rally race teams as part of the service crew. His own racing career started at 18 and it took off very quickly with driving in European races and rallys.

Now working with General Motors in Europe, he points to the C7 Corvette on the lift behind him and says that this is his favorite part of the job because “that is really pure emotions.”

Patrick says that during the test sessions, they will be looking at the system integrations like navigation, steering and the suspension set-ups on European roads.

“The new Corvette C7,” says Herrmann, “I can actually talk for hours about that because so many ideas and improvements that we had in our heads in the last test and development in the C6 we are making right into that car. And everybody loves the car and there is a good reason because it’s so cool. ”

Corvette fans will be able to follow the adventures of Patrick Herrmann and the first Corvette Stingrays in Europe on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram using the hashtag #C7Experience.

And just to remind you of Patrick’s previous exploits with a Corvette on European roads, here he is back in 2008 driving the 1st European Corvette ZR1 to 192 mph on the German Autobahn.

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