Buy This Artwork for $150,000 and Get a Free 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe


Buy This Artwork for $150,000 and Get a Free 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

Back in the early 1980s, I was stuck with an old Buick that I tried to sell for months for $500. I finally got so desperate that I ran a humorous ad hoping for a response, something along the lines of: “Free 1979 Buick, with purchase of $500 watermelon.” I finally sold the car for $300 but left it running outside the tire store where the new owner picked it up. I was afraid it might not crank again and he’d call off the deal.

Now, fast forward to 2013, and this offer we bring you today is so-o-o-o-o much better. If you buy this beautiful abstract 40×60 painting of a blue 1963 Corvette by Timothy Raines, you get a real Split Window Coupe for free!

Of course, the price of the painting is a staggering $150,000, but hey, for the money, you get a really nice car to carry your new artwork home in.

On Raines’ website, he describes the ‘Vette as having very rare factory air, Powerglide automatic transmission, and Kelsey-Hays two-bar knock-off wheels. “The car is virtually original in all aspects and comes with only 27,100 miles,” he says, claiming that the car is concours-level in quality.

We checked several other art creations on Raines’ website and couldn’t find a price on any of them, so we’re not sure if that means it’s a case of “if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it” or not. Several paintings of other things like flowers were marked “sold” so someone out there definitely appreciates his talents.

A post on Jalopnik drew mixed reviews. One post says: “That’s actually a very nice impressionist rendering of the ’63. Has all the details, even the light from the tail getting diffused by particles in the air and reflecting off of the chrome. Awesome.” Another critic says: “Could you just buy the car for $150,000 and leave the painting?”

Buy This Artwork for $150,000 and Get a Free 1963 Corvette Split-Window Coupe

If you’re interested, both the painting and the car are available for viewing at Mr. Raines’ gallery in St. Petersburg, Fla. Helping with the sale is the DuPont Registry, which bills itself as “the premiere marketplace to find new and used cars for sale.”

It’s definitely not your ordinary way to sell a car…or a painting. But then again, some would say such an extraordinary car and such an extraordinary painting deserve extraordinary means of selling them.


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