[PIC] Corvette Caught in Toronto’s Flash Flood


[PIC] Corvette Caught in Tornonto's Flash Flood

After a major thunderstorm swept through Toronto on Monday afternoon and dumped the equivalent of one month’s worth of rain in four hours, reports of flash floods starting pouring in. We caught a tweet from @meltait who is a/the multimedia editor/video producer for the Winnipeg Free Press. She shared a pic of this yellow Corvette submerged under an overpass.

Even sadder than the Corvette under water is wondering if the person standing to the left of the car is the owner. We can only wonder what it would be like to be staring at your pride and enjoy as it sits submerged in the rising flood waters.

Click here to view a larger picture of this Corvette.

Hopefully everything works out for all involved. And who knows, perhaps there is a new C7 in the owner’s future.

@meltait on Twitter

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