[VIDEO] Make-A-Wish Foundation Fulfills 6 Year Old Cancer Survivor’s Dream to Ride in a Corvette


Make-A-Wish Foundation Fulfills 6 Year Old Cancer Survivor's Dream to Ride in a Corvette

Getting to ride in a shiny C4 Corvette convertible Sunday was just the beginning of a day filled with fun activities for a 6-year-old cancer survivor in West Richland, Washington.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation made little Miette Nelson’s dreams come true as they arranged for her ride in the car to Barracuda Coffee, where she even got to run the business behind the counter.

It was also a fun day for her family, who have been there every step of the way as Miette had to endure numerous treatments and doctor appointments.

“Miette obviously went through the brunt of the treatment,” her mother Lisa explained, “but everybody had the cancer.”

Miette’s positive attitude was an inspiration for her family, though. “Whenever Miette had cancer she’d say, ‘I like having cancer because we get to go places we never go,’ her mother recalled.

Now she can really go places in her refurbished camping trailer that’s just her style, decorated in lots of pink, with room even for her pet guinea pig she named Tina Turner.

The fun times arranged by Make-A-Wish Foundation helped put the memories of her treatment out of their minds for a little while, though her mother still has a soft spot for the others still going through their battles with cancer. “I’m thinking about this and at the same time, we have a little friend who just passed away after three months with leukemia,” Lisa says.

Miette has been fortunate to have the support of others as well, including her friends who shaved their heads when she lost her hair due to the treatments.

“It felt good to support her that way,” a little friend from her neighborhood told a news reporter.

Lisa is thankful for that kind of love. “I know that there are families going through this that don’t have family support, and I frankly don’t know how they are putting one foot in front of the other.”

The Tri-Cities area in Washington is celebrating all week to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, including Corvettes on the Columbia weekend on Saturday and Sunday. The big event will feature a concert, silent auction, and car show, among other activities. For more details, visit the 3 Rivers Corvette Club.


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