GM Makes Wish Come True For Man with Terminal Cancer


GM Makes Wish Come True For Man with Terminal Cancer

Here’s what may be the most heartwarming story yet about the seventh generation Corvette.

It’s a story about a dying Corvette enthusiast and the amazing love that his family and friends – along with total strangers and a massive corporation – showed him in the final weeks of his life.

Chuck Sheldon is proof that we all need to savor every minute of life because we never know when ours might come to an end.

After complaining that his back was hurting on March 17 after mowing his yard, the 66-year-old South Carolina man – who was vice president of membership for the Coastal Carolina Corvette Club – went to see a doctor, who gave him the bad news that he had terminal bone cancer. He passed away just weeks later on May 9.

In between that horrible news, however, members of the Corvette world added a wonderful footnote to his life: he got to sit in, crank, and enjoy a 2014 Corvette Stingray at his home!

It took the secretive efforts of close friends, friends in high places, and General Motors (including Harlan Charles, Corvette product and marketing manager, and Dave Tatman, manager of the Corvette assembly plant) and fellow Corvette owners to make the dream come true for Mr. Sheldon. GM even used a code name “Operation Chuck Sheldon” to keep the wraps on the fast-moving, secretive effort.

The first C7 ever built was brought to the Sheldon home on April 7 on its way back from the Barrett-Jackson auction in Florida, with Mr. Sheldon able to climb into the driver’s seat of the red C7, crank it up, and rev the motor.

“Thank you for making my dreams come true,” Mr. Sheldon told the small group of onlookers.


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