[VIDEO] C7 Corvette Front Bumper Video Leaks Online


Want to get the first glimpse of an actual C7 body component? Omega Tool Corp put out a video that demonstrates their ability to manufacture exterior parts and they just happened to choose the front fascia of the Corvette as their subject matter. Unfortunately, we think someone there will be getting has received a phone call from Team Corvette asking why they choose to show the still-in-development 2014 C7 Corvette’s front fascia to showcase in the video.

As we were writing this blog post, Jalopnik broke the real story of this being the bumper from the 2014 Corvette – not the C6 bumper that our friends at CorvetteOnline.com originally thought it was. Now that the word is out, the video is no longer available on Vimeo where it was first posted last Friday, but luckily we got it right here for you.

One of the biggest and most obvious signs that this was the 2014 Corvette was the location and design of the crossed flags emblem on the nose. Based on the video, we can see that GM is going to unveil a new emblem to go with the next generation Corvette and judging the shape and outline of the logo cutout, we now betting that it looks similar to the badge found on the Corvette Stingray Concept:

As for the actual design of the front fascia, it looks identical to the now infamous Jalopnik renderings we saw from last November. We see the new bottom air feeder design that is wider and has those angled corners at each side. The headlight cutouts are also drawing comparisons to the Ferrari 599 which we think is a good thing as well.

After watching the video a half-dozen times, it occurred to us that we may also be seeing the mold for the much anticipated and controversial rear bumper as well. Here you can see the new indentation for the crossed flags logo and on each side looks to be two round and one rectangle receptacles that will receive the taillight assemblies.


And here is one of the Jalopnik renderings that shows the similarity to Omega’s mold in the video:

EDITOR’S NOTE – Our original posting of this story contained images and a copy of a video that was first shared on Vimeo.com. Since its initial posting on Vimeo, the video went viral among automotive news and Corvette enthusiasts websites alike. This afternoon, we received a letter from Omega Tool Corp’s legal council requested removal and deletion of the video and images, which we complied with immediately.

CorvetteOnline.com via Jalopnik

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