Jalopnik to Reveal ‘Real’ C7 Corvette on Monday at Noon; Updated with Photo of 2014 Corvette ZR1


Jalopnik to Reveal 'Real' C7 Corvette on Monday at Noon

Jalopnik.com claims to have the goods and will show the ‘real’ C7 Corvette on Monday at high Noon! Here are the updated photos.

According to their preview post, Jalopnik says they have seen the next generation Corvette completely uncovered:

This week, unbeknown to General Motors, we saw the next-generation Corvette completely uncovered. That’s right — no camouflage, no car cover, no anything to keep us from seeing every crease, every line, and every vent — and tomorrow at noon we’re going to show you exactly what it looks like. We think you’ll find it’s nothing like what’s been speculated by the buff books and blogs so far.

I can’t begin to fathom the repercussions if what Los Jalops reveal is in fact the real deal. I imagine there would be fallout if they get it wrong as well. We going to hold back our thoughts until tomorrow.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get real interesting!

Jalopnik’s Morning Update says they will be releasing “commissioned images” based on what they saw. In other words, no pics of the real C7.

Here is a teaser of the 2014 C7 Corvette in ZR1 trim. See the two full photos at Jalopnik.com

Is this the 2014 C7 Corvette ZR1


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  1. Or maybe this is a “decoy” for the press? These “leaks” are getting too easy these days for the auto spies.

  2. any REAL info will be appreciated at this point….I have always thought GM was approaching this launch differently by showing us the car ( ie; Stingray Concept) and tweak the car based on market opinion. I have spoken with actual people that know about the C7 and they are scared to death to speak of this car!

  3. I just can’t believe that this is the real thing. As much as I find jalopnik to be reputable something seems off. Look at the difference between the C5 and the C6. That was also an “evolutionary” change and the cars, despite the obvious similarities, were also distinctly different. This looks like a tuner shop got their hands on the ZR1 and blended it with a GTR and Camaro. The hood is practically identical to the C6 and the lines of the car on the side are very similar to C6 clay models that never made it into production.

  4. They better get back to the drawing board…too many sharp lines and what’s with those taillights!

  5. I agree with you on this one Corvette Conti. I was sure the C7 was going to be the stingray concept. Though I like the design by jalopnik I wanted so much more. If this is the C7 I am amazed they got someone to talk. All the usual suspects who have access to inside info have said the same thing you have said. Interesting.

  6. My first impression is if this is the C7 I don’t like it. I wait a see the real car before I decide

  7. Agree-if this is it, I’m out too. I’ve waited a long time-not very patiently- but if this is it, it is a true disappintment in style. It will definitely make up my mind to go with the new Jaguar “CX-16” , mid engine Audi “R5”, or a BMW. And I want to choose the Vette!

  8. My advice to GM would be to keep the C6 body style’s timeless design, but just tweak the interior a little bit. This thing looks more like a damn Ferarri!

  9. I’m highly skeptical that these images are the real C7, but, regardless of whether or not they are, I WILL be buying a C7 Corvette. I don’t care what it looks like. It’s a Corvette and that’s what matters.

    All the people saying that they’re now gonna get a Jag / Lotus / Viper / GTR / M3 / etc / etc / etc instead — go right ahead. GM will survive without your money, trust me. I’d rather C7s being owned by people who actually have some loyalty to the Corvette brand — not people who see 3 low quality computer renderings and decide to ditch the Corvette for something else.

  10. Okay here’s the thing with ‘real’ C7 concepts. They make them look ‘too’ good and a hell TOO HEAVY. GM had almost confirmed to us that the C7 will be much lighter than the C6, and they confirmed it more by saying this statement “C7 will blow the C6 out of the water in every category.” That’s right, that includes handling and fuel efficiency. How many times does someone have to say this? HEAVY CARS CONSUME MORE FUEL! If they want to make this more believable, they gotta start sketching better looking, and MUCH lighter concept. By the way, this C7 looks like a C6 had sex with a Nissan GT-R. Just look at the side and the back, it looks almost identical to the GT-R.

  11. Ease up Chris. I’m not wishing for GM’s dismiss. Nor am I going blindly into the world of unquestioned loyalty. But, I am using my own feelings and preference and can think and decide for myself what I like. Oh yes, and I trust you oh great one with all knowledge of what is right. And thanks for being the guardian of GM and Corvette and so open minded.

  12. Looking at this car I don’t see anything GM said they were trying to do with the Corvette. It still looks big, heavy, and cumbersome. Don’t get me wrong, I love Corvettes but this to me looks like the wrong direction. G*d I hope these guys are wrong with this rendering.

  13. I have owned 4 corvettes beginning with a ’71 stingray. The released redering is an abomination. Zora Arkus Duntov and Larry Shinoda must be turning over in their graves if it is accurate. While I have some issues with the stingray concept car it does have the “wow factor.” I am well aware of the lackluster sales figures, and to be frank I am surprised the car is still in prduction with less than 1000 sales/month. If the Jalopnik rendering is accurate—and I hope it is not– there is no way I will be purchasing the C7.

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