[VIDEO] Drag Race Battles with a Corvette ZR1 Hennessey vs 1200 hp Twin Turbo Jeep SRT-8


We’re not sure what to make of these three races on Dragtimes featuring a Corvette ZR1, a couple of Mercedes, a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, and a Porsche 911 TurboS.

In the first race, the two Mercedes square off with the expected results, the E63 AMG tuned by Evotech with 730-hp leaving the stock S65 V12 AMG with 612-hp in its dust. The E63 does the quarter-mile in 12.808 seconds (197.91 kmh) vs. 13.141 seconds and 189.67 kmh for the S65. In the mile, the E63 runs 29.902 seconds (289.15 kmh) while the S65 does 31.259 seconds at 276.71kmh.

That’s when the action gets interesting. We’re not sure what is up in the second matchup.

The Porsche (with only 530-hp) somehow makes up for its lack of horses and manages to whip the Jeep (1200-hp 7.2 liter twin-turbocharged V8). Times are 11.124 seconds (205.94 kmh) for the 911 in the quarter and 28.178 seconds (286.16kmh) in the mile vs. 13.782 seconds (165.66 kmh) and 28.420 seconds (281.19 kmh) for the Jeep.

We know what you are thinking: based on that race, this should be an easy win for the ZR1 (prepared by Hennessey Performance and rated at 760-hp) over the Jeep, but hold on a minute. Was the Jeep driver just sandbagging against the Porsche? He jumps out quickly and blows the ZR1 away in the quarter, racing to a time of 11.732 seconds at 163.78 kmh over the Chevy’s time of 13.860 seconds at 184.52 kmh.

But then the Jeep apparently runs into mechanical problems and, with its emergency flashers going, limps to a pitiful time in the mile of 47.659 seconds at 89.93 kmh, while the ZR1 finishes at 31.134 seconds at 292.20 kmh.

All this action did take place on a wet track, it should be noted.

But the results leave us wondering just what was going on with the driving and the cars. This doesn’t seem to be a fair showing for any of the vehicles. Maybe a rematch is in order.


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