MSRP for 2013 427 Convertible Edition Corvette to Start at $75,925


MSRP for 2013 427 Convertible Edition Corvette to Start at $75,925

At the NCM Bash at the Corvette Museum today, Team Corvette members Tadge Juechter and Harlan Charles gave a brief walk around tour of the 2013 Corvette. It was during that presentation that Harlan said their pricing had been approved and that the 2013 427 Convertible Corvette would have a starting MSRP of $75,925

Harlan continued and stated that if you wanted a fully loaded 60th Anniversary 427 convertible with the blue interior, the carbon fiber ground effects which is the CFZ package and the leather wrapped interior, the price would just over $90,000.

That puts it in the Z06 price range which is what most people expected.

The 427 Convertible represents the seventh model in the Corvette lineup. They will be available in all 10 Corvette colors and can be ordered with a varity of wheel packages and other options.

Tadge says the 427 Convertible is a very exciting way to send the C6 off with a bang in its last year, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Corvette. In fact, he said that they are so exicited about the new cars that production has been moved up and Bowling Green Assembly will begin building 2013’s next week and will ship the new cars starting in June instead of after the annual July shutdown.

During the Q & A session at the walk-around, an owner asked Tadge if 2013 would be the last year of a Corvette with a 427 engine. The response was classic Juechter, “I would buy one, just to make sure.” he deadpanned.

Look for complete pricing of the 2013 Corvette coming soon.

MSRP for 2013 427 Convertible Edition Corvette to Start at $75,925
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