[VIDEO] Hotlap with Jim Mero in a Corvette ZR1 at GM’s Milford Proving Ground


[VIDEO] Hotlap with Jim Mero in a Corvette ZR1 at GM's Milford Proving Ground

Last week, attendees to the NCRS National Convention had the opportunity to visit GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. One of the highlights of the visit was an opportunity for a hotlap in a Corvette ZR1 with Jim Mero, the GM test driver who piloted the Yellow Corvette ZR1 around the Nurburgring in 7:19.63. Twelve raffle winners were selected for the hotlap opportunity and lucky for us, one of them uploaded the video of their hotlap to YouTube.

Mero’s hotlaps in the Corvette ZR1 took riders on runs across Black Lake at speeds greater than 160 MPH. From the photo below, you can see that Jim was treated like the rock star that he is, greeting fans and signing autographs.

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  1. Thanks for posting the video. But it was one I shot for Edmunds’ Straightline blog as part of a press trip organized by Chevy, and not part of a raffle.

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