[VIDEO] Morning Donuts: Jetstream Blue 2008 Corvette in the Driveway


[VIDEO] Morning Donuts: Jetstream Blue 2008 Corvette in the Driveway

This video of a driver doing donuts in his driveway is one of the best I’ve seen lately and it sure started my day with a smile. And what’s not to love about a burnout video with a rocking soundtrack, multiple camera angles and a slow-mo replay! Plus if you see that basketball hoop in the back, there is the element of danger that the backend of the Corvette would swing around and wack it. But this driver’s car control skills are excellent and the only “damage” was the burnt rubber left on the driveway.

The description of the video from the poster reads:

3 car wide driveway, no one home, 413rwhp, kid at heart. Leads to a kickass burnout. Slight ebrake to initiate then a pop of the clutch. The rest is just “simple” driving. 2008 LS3 powered Corvette C6. 413rwhp, 405rwtq. Enjoy. ps: I do not own the rights to this song but do like it and feel that it fits me perfectly. Seat belt and all…


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