[VIDEO] 1000hp Twin Turbo Corvette Z06 Burns to the Ground


[VIDEO] 1000hp Twin Turbo Z06 Burns to the Ground

We’re not sure what sparked the fire that caused this torch red C5 Z06 to burn to the ground, and the original poster didn’t say, but judging by the way the flames are dancing along the ground, it definitely looks fuel related. A lot of money went into this car for the opportunity to play in the 1000 hp club and in just a few minutes it was all gone.

I found Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” to be most appropriate for the background music as the Torch Red Z06 goes up in flames.


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  1. So sorry to see this, I cried. I have a C5 Torch Red, not a Z06, I hope you gave her a decent burial.
    So sad to see such a beautiful machine go to Vette Heaven, so young

  2. I would have to die with the Corvette..i wouldnt be able to recover after all the time and effort put into it. She was a beauty.

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