[ACCIDENTS] Cellphone-Talking Corvette Driver Gets Under a Dodge Neon


[ACCIDENTS] Cellphone-Talking Corvette Driver Gets Under a Dodge Neon

This “head-turning” traffic accident in El Cajon, California caught our attention as the picture shows the rear-ending of Dodge Neon by an Arctic White C6 Corvette with the Neon actually coming to rest on the hood of America’s favorite sports car. No one was injured in the accident which was allegedly caused by the Corvette driver talking on a cell phone.

The accident happened last Tuesday morning and a witness snapped this photo and sent it to NBC San Diego who posted it on their website. The photographer provided the following insight into the accident:

“A witness said that the person in the white car was talking on the cell phone and driving too fast,” said Kristi Dubin. “I had to snap a picture to show my kids. Maybe if people see this they might not talk on the phone and drive as much!”

California law bans talking on hand held cell phones while driving. California Highway Patrol did not confirm if any of the drivers were talking on their cell phone at the time of the crash.

It is not known if the woman in the picture was the driver of either car.

We’ve had several recent examples of Corvette drivers who should have known that their actions could cause a serious accident. Street racing and drunk-driving are no-brainers when it comes to what you should not be doing in your Corvette. Although the participants in this accident were lucky, it is a reminder that something as mundane as talking on a cell phone can also have disastrous consequences because as the driver your attention is on the conversation and not so much on who or what is in front of you.


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