[ACCIDENTS] Why You Don’t Drink and then Drive Your Corvette


[ACCIDENTS] Why You Don't Drink and then Drive Your Corvette

Last month’s “real-life lesson” was street racing, this month we get a reminder why you don’t drink and then drive your Corvette. Not only can you loose your car, but it could cost you your life or worse, someone else’s.

This crash happened Sunday afternoon in Bellevue, Washington. Witnesses say the 52 year old male was driving at a high rate of speed down I-90 in a 1968 Corvette. He lost control, crashing into a barrier and landing upside down, partially ejecting him from the Corvette. He survived the crash and was rushed to Overlake Hospital in Bellevue with serious injuries.

He was later arrested for DUI after police found alcohol to be the likely factor in the crash.

Why You Don't Drink and then Drive Your Corvette

Partially ejected means that he was partially still in the car when it came to a rest.

Photo: Washington State Patrol

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