New Color ‘Carlisle Blue’ to Make Debut on 2012 Corvettes


Carlisle Blue to Make Debut on 2012 Corvettes

The retirement of Jetstream Blue Metallic in 2011 leaves the door open for GM to offer a new color for the 2012 Corvette and today we are pleased to bring you its replacement: Carlisle Blue Metallic. The new color is an existing Chevy color called “Ice Blue Metallic” and can be seen on the 2011 Cruze. We think the color reminds us of the 1982 color called Silver Blue Metallic or the Light Blue Metallic offered in 1984-85.

Carlisle Blue to Make Debut on 2012 Corvettes Carlisle Blue to Make Debut on 2012 Corvettes Carlisle Blue to Make Debut on 2012 Corvettes

The 2012 Chevrolet Color chart was posted on Kerbeck Corvette’s blog and shows the following colors:

  • Arctic White
  • Blade Silver
  • Inferno Orange
  • Velocity Yellow
  • Cyber Gray
  • Torch Red
  • Crystal Red
  • Supersonic Blue
  • Carbon Flash
  • Carlisle Blue

We also sent a note to Lance Miller of the famous “Corvettes at Carlisle” show that was the inspiration for the name of the color and here is what he had to say:

LIFE IS GOOD! When I first found out about the new “Carlisle Blue” offered for the 2012 Corvette I was blown away. It was a true honor to have Chevrolet recognize Carlisle Events and of course Corvettes at Carlisle through a color, we’ve always appreciated the working relationship we’ve had with Chevrolet and we certainly appreciate the name behind the new color. Now that it’s public knowledge I’m even more excited than ever… not only is it a cool color, but it’s a beautiful color. I’m eager to see a real live sample on a Corvette – hmmm… possibly on display during Corvettes at Carlisle – August 26-28, 2011?! Time will tell… Everyone on the Carlisle team is excited about the new color, I let them know earlier today and the excitement spread quickly!

Regarding colors for 2012, one of the questions we have for the Corvette Team members when we see them at Bowling Green in a couple weeks is in regards to the new Carbon Flash Black Metallic. Our current understanding is that the Carbon Flash will only be available on the Centennial Package and is not available for ordering separately. I also noticed that “Black” is not a listed color as well. As soon as we clear this up, we’ll let you know.

Information on the 2012 Corvettes continues to trickle out so stay tuned to as we will bring you the latest news from Detroit and Bowling Green.

Kerbeck Corvette’s blog

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  1. That color sucks BIG TIME!!!! Thats not blue in anyway.. Just another form of grey..
    How come theres never any problem with red and silver EVERY single year, but the beautiful blues always disappear???

  2. Love a deep sky baby blue for a vette…white convertible top & diamond-stitched ivory leather seats, dash, console, & doors, with golden honey-walnut burl wood trim all over (real wood, not GM wood)

  3. I own a 2012 Carlisle Blue Grand Sport and everywhere I take it I get a comment how beautiful it is.Women really seem to like the color .What more could you ask . lol Everywhere you see reds and blacks .So it is nice to have a beautiful Blue for 2012.

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