[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 2011: 2011 Le Mans Anniversary Corvette Z06 Sells for $210,000


[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 2011: 2011 Le Mans Anniversary Corvette Z06 Sells for $210,000

The Corvette Museum’s Motorsport Park project got a shot in the arm on Friday night following the sale of the 2011 Le Mans Anniversary Corvette Z06 at the 2011 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. The sale of the White/Blue one-off VIN #001 Corvette Z06 for $210,000 to NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick was probably a little lower than what the NCM was looking for, but every little bit helps!

The special anniversary edition Corvette was unveiled last year at the Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 bash. At the time, Museum Director Wendell Strode was hoping to raise $380,000 from the sale of the Corvette, which includes recouping the NCM’s estimated $80,000 cost to acquire the Corvette from General Motors. With no takers, the museum did the next best thing by taking the Corvette out to Scottsdale where a world-wide audience could witness the sale and learn more about the NCM and the motorsport park.

This is where I have to be somewhat critical of GM. Presenting the Corvette on the podium for GM was John Fitzpatrick and Russ Clark as well as Gary Cockriel from the NCM. While Gary mentioned the proceeds would go to the NCM motorsports park, the two GM guys could only seem to remember to say “VIN #001” and “its a great car”. Luckily the viewers on TV had the commentators from SPEED who were able to discuss why the Corvette was important, who drove and signed it as well as mentioning that the proceeds were going to the NCM’s motorsports park. Maybe I’m being too critical, but I thought a better presentation could have been made based on the audience and the venue.

Purchasing the Corvette for $210,000 was NASCAR’s Rick Hendrick, who has developed a certain taste for VIN 001 cars from GM. Rick owns the very first Chevy Camaro, the first 2011 Z06 Carbon Edition (whenever they decide to build them) as well as the first Chevy Volt. Rick purchased the Z06 Carbon Edition for $297,000 so the $210,000 he spent for a one-of-one Corvette Z06 seems like a bargain.

Here is the video of the Le Mans Anniversary Corvette Z06 from the Barrett-Jackson auction:

The proposed NCM Motorsports Park is located just across Interstate 65 from the Museum. It’s being designed with the help of Pratt & Miller and the road course will feature many of the same corners and chicanes from the legendary tracks that Corvettes have raced on for 50 years. An autocross/skid pad, drag strip and a karting track are also features of the new park. Click here to read more about the NCM’s Motorsports Park.


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  1. I love the comment as the video is ending concerning all cars being made available with launch control. “Your left foot and your right foot.” Beautiful car and going to a good stable.

  2. I also was present when this car went on the block and thought the GM guys were quite lame. Any Corvette enthusiast could have given a better impromptu talk than their ‘prepared’ comments. If this represents the future of GM and the ‘Vette we better buy and hold on to our C6’s…

  3. I agree with Wally………………….Those guys did not even know the names of the Corvette drivers…………wow, I’m sure the past 3 managers of BG Plant were so embarrassed……C’mon Chevy, put people in place who know something about their product…………..a saddened ZO6 owner!

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