[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1973 Corvette for Chip Miller Foundation Nets $31,000


[VIDEO] Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1973 Corvette for Chip Miller Foundation Nets $31,000

The Corvettes at Carlise show is one of the premier annual Corvette shows for owners and enthusiasts alike. The founder of the Carlisle shows, Chip Miller, was one of the giants in our hobby and everyone was pretty shocked when he lost his life nearly 7 years ago to a rare disease known as Amyloidosis. Today, the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation helps raise awareness and funds to find a cure for the disease. The great folks at Barrett-Jackson stepped up on Wednesday evening and this 1973 Red Corvette was auctioned with the proceeds to go to finding a cure for Amyloidosis.

We previewed this auction earlier this week and we are glad to see the selling price hammer for a very respectable $31,000. Chip’s son Lance who now carries the Carlise banner sent us the following note:

Many thanks for helping us spread the word regarding amyloidosis – the disease that took my father’s life in 2004. We were happy the car brought $31,000 for the sale. Life is good! Lance


Barrett-Jackson 2011: 1973 Corvette to be Auctioned for Chip Miller Charitable Foundation



  1. Thanks for taping this. My husband David bought the car after I had just left the auction so I didn’t witness the sale. We are glad to be the proud owners and will spread the word about the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation. We have talked to many people at the auction and truly wish we had been able to meet Chip himself. He is still very well thought of and greatly missed by many.

  2. Vicki – could you please get in touch with me? [email protected]. Thank you SO much for buying the car! I looked for your husband afterwards but no one was sure where I could find him.

    Keith – thanks so much for posting this up! And for all your support of the Foundation.

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