[POLL] Do You Like The New “Chevy Runs Deep” Ad


[POLL] Do You Like the

This week Chevrolet introduced a new advertising campaign which debuted during Wednesday night’s Game 1 of the World Series. The ad is narrated by Tim Allen and features the new tagline “Chevy Runs Deep”. 100 years of Chevrolet history is shown including the new Volt and the 2011 Arctic White Corvette ZR1 featured in the “Rockets” ad. Watch the new commercial and then cast your vote whether or not you think the new tagline will be a success for Chevy.

What's your opinion of the new Chevy Runs Deep tagline?

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  1. Ugh, does anyone take a step back and think about the words after they write them? That’s not a good line.

  2. The commercial itself is good, but the tag-line is horrible. Also, Tim Allen’s a great spokesman for Chevy, but they have to show him in the ad. His voice is not recognizable on it’s own, at least not in this case.

  3. Trash. When you talk about the past who are you talking to? some 80 yr old guy?

    young people dont want to hear about the great cars of 60 years ago. Toyota doesnt feature their 1970’s cars

    Talk about today – the Volt and how great todays cars are.

    Just My Opinion….

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