Corvette Values: 1958 Corvette Roadster


Corvette Values: 1958 Corvette Roadster

DD in CA submitted this 1958 Corvette to Corvette Values:

1958 Corvette, VIN J58S102XXX. Non-original 327 ci V8 dual carb with estimated 245-270 hp, 4-speed transmission and 75,000 original miles. Red/White with Red vinyl interior. Options include factory seatbelts, wheels and hubcaps, AM Wonderbar radio and auxiliary hard top. Fiberglass crack in front fender, scratches on trunk hood. No documentation but owner history is available.

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Corvette Values: 1958 Corvette Roadster Corvette Values: 1958 Corvette Roadster Corvette Values: 1958 Corvette Roadster

1958 Corvette Roadster, VIN # J58S102XXX. The VIN # indicates this Corvette was built in January 1958, early in the 1958 production year. The 1958 Corvette was unique with its louvered hood and twin mounted trunk chrome spears, the only year Corvette had these appearance features.

The odometer shows a reading of 75,000 which the owner of the Corvette indicates is correct.

This Corvette is powered by a non-original 327 short block with dual carburetors pumping out 245-270 horsepower. The motor is coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission and a non-original Hurst shifter.

This Corvette has the original Signet Red color with a matching Red vinyl interior. The interior door panels appear to be non-original.

The body panels, dash panel and instruments are original and have not been modified. The front fender has a crack in the fiberglass. The paint, chrome bumpers and trim, as well as the interior of the Corvette, can be classified as being in average-street driven condition.

The wheels and hubcaps are correct for a 1958 Corvette. The white wall tires will require replacement.

From an options perspective, this Corvette has the original standard AM radio and a removable hardtop in addition to the convertible top.

Owner history is available for this Corvette.

We place a value of $55,000 on this 1958 Corvette Roadster.

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  1. As a C1 owner, I wonder what happens to the chassis on the resto mods after the conversions?
    I would be interested on a rust free one.
    Let me know if you have one.

  2. I think I owned this 1958 Corvette…A man from Sudbury, MA. backed into me and put the crack in the front fender…He said,”They ought to outlaw these small cars, you can’t see them.” I said ,”If you looked behind you this wouldn’t have happened.” I got it fixed, however, there were no good body people to repair fiberglass. The body people did a poor job, but it was the best around at the time…It as a quick car and VERY reliable…I had some trouble finding someone who could tune the car with the dual 4’s, but when I did it was running fine and very fast…BLEW off a ’57 fulie by 5 car lengths in the 1/4 mile..I was the second owner…The first owner was named Wyman…If you can find the original title…I got well over 20 MPG…

  3. Preston,
    I was looking at a 1958 corvette for sale, looks a little rough with 58,000 miles on engine .Numbers not matching, title marked not actual. looking for a driver corvette. What do you think this corvette would be worth?

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