Reminder: Friday is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day


Friday is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day

The 10th annual Drive Your Corvette to Work Day will held on Friday, June 25th. In honor of this special day, Corvette enthusiasts across the United States are encouraged to make America’s sports car their commuter car for the day. Every year, the Friday closest to June 30th which is Corvette’s official birthday, is chosen as the day to drive your Corvette to work.

The day of commemoration was conceived of by Mid-America Motorwork’s Mike Yager. The goal is to have as many Corvette owners as possible to drive their car to work. Corvette owners and clubs host staging points in many parts of the country and often the Corvettes are parked as a group in front of workplaces.

“We understand why many owners consider their Corvette to be a special car and only drive it occasionally,” said Mike Yager, founder and “Chief Cheerleader” of Mid America Motorworks, the world’s leading supplier of Corvette parts and accessories. “But we think driving your Corvette to work, at least one day a year, is an excellent way to demonstrate just how popular Corvettes are. And it is a chance for Corvette owners to meet new Corvette owners.”

Corvette owners who observe “Drive Your Corvette to Work Day” are encouraged to send a photo to [email protected] who will post many of them on their website.

Will you be driving your Corvette to work this Friday? If so, let us know!


[VIDEO] Celebrating Drive Your Corvette To Work Day 2007



  1. You can rest assured that I’ll be driving our 08 Crystal Red Metallic Convertible to work tomorrow and you’ll know me when you see me because I’ll be waving at ya!

    Eugene, Oregon

  2. OMG! You mean people don’t drive their Vettes every single day? I can understand those who can’t when it snows, but c’mon, a car is a car, not a museum piece – unless it’s in a museum. Still, museum cars should be driven too. I mean how would you like it if you had to sit in a room, locked away and only brought out on special occasions? My Corvette, for one, is a happy Vette that runs free daily and it told me once that it wants to be in the high mileage club one day. And when it gets tired, with a worn out “heart” and “legs” not as spry as they used to be, well, that will just mean it is time for upgrades!

    Of course, I’m kidding. I know there are a lot of reasons people don’t drive their Vette daily, a big one being ingress and egress, but I still think Vettes should be daily drivers — unless you have 7 of them, then they should be a one-in-seven-days driver as you rotate through your stable. 😉

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