Is the World Ready for a General Lee Corvette ZR1?


Is the World Ready for General Lee Corvette ZR1?

This Corvette ZR1 has been wrapped in the Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee livery in anticipation for the GoldRush Rally that is being held over June 8-13, 2010. A General Lee themed Corvette is certainly over the top, however, that orange against the black wheels, headlights and carbon fiber splitter and rockers is stunning and I’m starting to question if this shade is better than the 2011 Corvette’s Inferno Orange.

We’re not sure what the exact purpose of the GoldRush Rally is, other than to drive really fast cars from city to city while partying with a Louis Vuitton wrapped Sheik. According to their website, the purpose of the GoldRush Rally is:

“…to achieve worldwide exposure through a wide and diverse fan base that is drawn into the glamour and style emanating from exotic cars, nightlife, fashion and music. Through this excitement the event draws participants from many different cities, states, countries and backgrounds yet all these friends share the same desire for camaraderie and excitement that the goldRush Rally creates.”

Billed as GT2KX, the 2010 GoldRush Rally will get started June 8th in Seattle and then hit Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles before wrapping up in Las Vegas on June 13th.

The General Lee Corvette ZR1 is cool in a nostalgic sort of way, but when it comes to custom wrapped Corvettes, nothing beats the Taxi cab Corvette Z06 that ran in 2008’s Gumball 3000 Rally.

GoldRush Rally via via Corvette Mafia

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  1. That is the kind of orange I’ve been saying GM need to put on the Corvette for years! None of these stupid metallic oranges. All 3 of those are total failures IMO.

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