[VIDEO] Tadge Juechter Talks About the C7 Corvette; Calls Out Automobile Magazine for Misinformation


Tadge Juechter Talks About the C7 Corvette

At the C5/C6 Bash at the Corvette Museum, Corvette’s Chief Engineer delivered some remarks about the next generation C7 Corvette which he said is now getting underway in earnest. Tadge prefaced his comments with a warning about how the auto magazines will claim to have inside information or renderings when in fact they are basically making it up, and for us owners to not buy into all the hype. To demonstrate, he held up a copy of the June 2010 Automobile Magazine which, as Tadge says, included a photoshopped picture of him with an article that supposedly has Juechter endorsing a V6.

When it came to discussing the C7 Project, Tadge talked about the reality of the CAFE fuel economy requirements and that Corvette has to play its part as the automaker is under a federal mandate to achieve a 35 mpg average across the fleet by 2016. However, Tadge said there are a lot of benefits to increased fuel economy: making a car lighter, more aerodynamic and increasing power train efficiency are all goals that the engineers would be working towards anyways with or without the mandates.

“I’m quite confident that when we bring the car out you won’t say man I’m gonna keep my C6. You’re going to say I gotta have one of those C7. I’m quite sure of that.”
– Tadge Juechter

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