LG Motorsports Makes Bid to Race GT2 Corvette at Le Mans


LG Motorsports  GT2 Corvette at Sebring

Our friends at Badboy Vettes are telling us that the Black and Flames #28 GT2 Corvette belonging to LG Motorsports and Lou Gigliotti has applied to the ACO for a GT2 entry in June’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. As for the rest of the season, Lou says its all about Le Mans.

With continued support from car builder Riley Technologies and several new French sponsors including the French Corvette Club, Lou feels they will get strong consideration from the ACO, the organization that hosts the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

“Our season hinges directly on our Le Mans application. If we do get accepted, we have funding for Le Mans, Sebring, St. Pete, Long Beach, Mid-Ohio, Petit and Laguna.”

The #28 Corvette and the LG Motorsports team were at Sebring last week for the winter test session. According to Lou, it was track time well spent:

“We were there and got down to a 2:03.5 which was about 1.5 seconds off the fastest Michelin time of the 3 day test. We were on last year Dunlop compound which is behind what the BMW team now has.”

“I ran almost 8 hours of testing in two days during 4 two hour sessions. I only got out of the car between two hour sessions. ”

“We didn’t have our proper 1st gear for the hairpin but we will for the race.”

We saw the new GT2 team make great strides last year before funding problems took them out of several races. Seeming to show improvement after each race, we were much impressed with the #28 Corvette during last year’s Utah Grand Prix where the car was in contention for much of the race.

Should the LG Motorsports team get its invite to France, then we are assured of seeing the Lou and his #28 GT2 Corvette at the ALMS opener at the 12 Hours of Sebring on March 21st.

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Photo Credit: John Thawley

[VIDEO] ALMS GT2: LG Motorsports #28 Corvette at Utah

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