Fire Chief Selects a 1978 Corvette for Command Car


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Dennis, Massachusetts Fire Chief Mark Dellner has added a new vehicle his fleet – a “fire engine red” 1978 Corvette outfitted with a light bar, graphics and a siren that can be heard two miles away. Chief Dellner says the use of the Corvette as his personal command and control vehicle makes perfect sense: “when I have to get to a fire, I have to get there fast.”

According to Chief Dellner, the Corvette will also be a public relations boon. “Actually, no, it’s just keeping up with the times,” said Dellner. “Young people like to see that public officials are ‘with it,’ and the Corvette projects the image they expect.”

“We had a little trouble mounting the light bar just behind the T-top, but it fits beautifully. Also that massive chrome siren can be heard two miles away. This little baby will get me through town at 80 miles an hour. This car was the official pace car for the 1978 Indianapolis 500. Tell me, what better car is there in which to race to a fire?”

The town’s police chief Mike Whalen has received calls from concerned citizens about the prospect of the Fire Chief’s Corvettes racing through town at 80 mph. His only comment was “Does it come in blue?”

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  1. “Race to a fire”? Really? #1 way to reduce deaths in privately owned vehicles responding to fire calls: reduce the sense of urgency on the part of individual responders. Dude is going to tear through town at 80 miles an hour in a 30+ year old car….? I hope for the sake of the poor citizens of Dennis that this car has a full equipment safety check and meets all road safety standards and that Chief Genius follows all traffic laws. Even if he does, this mentality is putting at risk the very people he’s charged with protecting. Dude is asking for a life-changing, department-changing and community-changing event, with lawsuit to follow. In this lawsuit the court will certainly hold the department financially responsible, and they will hold the Chief personally responsible as well for failure to maintain a driver training program that would detect this mentality and remove firefighters with this mentality from the driver’s seat.

  2. P. Zurich….

    Excellent post man…

    “When there’s a fire I need to get there fast.” What an amazingly ignorant line of bullshit to justify this nonsense. What possible advantage does he bring to getting to a fire fast in a sports car.

    My apologies to the truly professional firemen and women out there, but too often this is the mentality. “I’m so friggin’ heroic I don’t need equipment. Just by showing up I save the day!”

    Insanity. But the plus side, and believe it or not, there is a plus side. This type of behavior will start to show the public that the fire services have become so bloated and over financed that they can’t even take themselves seriously anymore. And that is long overdue.


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