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[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Z06 Catches on Fire while Running Puerto Rico Half Mile Event

With flames shooting out in all directions, the driver of this C5 Corvette Z06 keeps on moving for a few seconds before finally coming to a stop during the 2015 Puerto Rico Half Mile Event a few days ago.

He climbs out, runs around for a few seconds, and then basically has to see his Corvette disappear rather quickly as the body and interior are consumed by the blaze.

[VIDEO] 3,000 HP Corvette Crashes at WannaGOFAST Half-Mile Event

Pack 3,000 horsepower into a Corvette, and what do you get?

In this case, a wild and crazy half-mile competition at the WannaGOFAST event in Texas!

Fortunately for the wife of the driver, the run in what might has to rank as one of the most powerful Corvettes ever produced turned out to be just scary to watch, and not fatal.