The Top 100 Corvette Dealers of 2021


The Top 100 Corvette Dealers of 2021

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Welcome Corvette fans and we appreciate you checking our annual list of the Top 100 Corvette Dealers as ranked by Chevrolet’s official sales numbers by dealership.

Our Top 100 Corvette Dealers List is a great way to find out who is selling the most Corvettes in your region, and with so many new customers turning to Chevrolet dealers for the first time, we hope it serves as a guide for those new buyers. We also hope it keeps the dealers honest when you ask them how many Corvettes were allocated to them over the last year.

Over the 2021 calendar year, Chevrolet dealers delivered a total of 33,041 new Corvettes to customers, and it was the highest calendar year production total since 2015. The Top 100 Corvette dealers were responsible for 39% of those sales (12,946) so while focusing on the Top 100 dealers shows us who is selling the most Corvettes by store, the vast majority of new Corvettes were delivered outside this list.

This year’s allocation system for the Corvette has been changed to an Average Daily Supply model (ADS) where dealers will supposedly be rewarded with more cars based on how fast they can sell them, and the thinking is that those dealers that sell at MSRP will turn inventories over faster than those with a Market Adjustment. Unfortunately, we don’t know who is selling at MSRP vs adjusted markups and many dealers who were previously at MSRP have indicated their policies may be changing with the Z06. So keep all that in mind when trying to determine what kind of allocation dealers will have in 2022.

CorvetteBlogger works with several of the top volume dealers in the country and highly recommend them when determining who to order your Corvette from. Unfortunately, the Z06 lists at the top dealers already span a number of years and so for those that still want one, you should probably look at the midsize to smaller dealers and you may even need to set yourself up on multiple lists and work with the dealer that comes back with an allocation first.

Finally, a little housekeeping before getting to the list. Yes, we know if you add up all the Bomnin or Hendrick stores together they would appear even higher on the list, but Chevy provides the numbers based on individual locations and that’s what we have here. Also, some dealers may have changed hands and therefore their totals may be divided between the old store and the new. We were able to figure that out with Ciocca/Kerbeck but others may have missed us.

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The Top 100 Corvette Dealers of 2021

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  1. We need to know which of these dealers are selling at MSRP! Lots of bad dealers out there doing crazy markups. We are stuck with ordering from them so we should know who they are.

  2. It’s obvious that most of these dealers are where the money and population is at. Easy to sell to areas like this. Meanwhile the smaller dealers and states are losing out on the allotments.

  3. I have been told by 1 dealer not on the top 100 that I will be his first call as soon as he can take an order. top 100 not one from New York state WHY? Working with Mike Furman as he was recommended very highly. As I shared with Mike I will be 76 on 10/2 and i hope he will be able to fill my order so I can get a GREAT BITHDAY GIFT. If anyone at GM is sympathetic to a veteran and senior citizen your help is GREATLY appreciated. Barry R 516 662 3790

  4. This whole allocation is very difficult for the consumer to fathom. If GM gave me 500 allocations I’m certain I could sell out in few hours. All I would require is the buyer take museum delivery. Why, because I’d be selling out of my garage at my home. The largest selling dealers aren’t selling cars because of exemplary salespersons, fabulous service departments, or anything else. They are selling high volume because GM is giving them allocations. So now this retired Veteran sits and waits for my allocation to come up.


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