[VIDEO] New Official C8 Corvette Z06 Video Out Today From Chevy Called ‘The World’


[VIDEO] New Official C8 Corvette Z06 Video Out Today From Chevy Called 'The World'

Photo Credit: Chevrolet

Here is a new video on the 2023 Corvette Z06 sent out to Chevrolet’s Z06 email subscribers on Friday. If you’re interested in receiving your own updates from Chevrolet on the Z06, you can sign up here.

If you remember, one of the pre-reveal teaser videos was a Z06 prototype driving from the Nurburgring to Le Mans. Today’s Z06 video is called ‘The World’ and it opens with scenes of the Z07-equipped Z06 prototype retracing its steps from Le Mans back to the Nurburgring.

Once at the Nurburgring we get some of that glorious POV track action with the sound of the LT6 at full roar. With the new American sports car engineered to handle the most challenging curves of the Nurburgring, you could say it has the ‘Ring embedded in its DNA.

There are a number of personalities in the video that include Oliver Gavin, GM President Mark Reuss, Bruce Meyer, Aaron Link, Emelia Hartford, and others.

Here is the email and you can watch the video below:

[VIDEO] New Official C8 Corvette Z06 Video Out Today From Chevy Called 'The World'

From Chevrolet via YouTube:

The world-renowned track at Nürburgring is a benchmark for racing success, providing a stern test for performance vehicles from across the globe with its hairpin turns, sweeping curves and steep inclines. The All-New 2023 Corvette Z06 took on the Ring and has blurred the lines between competition-ready race car and world-class street car.

Chevrolet / YouTube

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  1. Bob, unfortunately the demand for these cars will only make the prices go through the roof. Whether from dealers or private owners looking to resell after a short period of ownership to make a significant profit. What’s sad is that many people will never be able to afford any of these cars now. It’s all market driven and until the bubble bursts nothing will change.

  2. Just buy from a dealer with zero mark up, like I will. Rick Conti and others are out there. Chevy said they are actively giving lower numbers to those dealerships who price gouge.


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